Group Cycling Weekend

Cycling in a group

The Art of Organising a Group Cycling Trip

Want to cycle with friends on a lazy weekend away? Or how about a challenging week of cycling in a group in the French Alps on a corporate team building trip?

If you get the group together, we’ll get the trip together.

How to be a Desk Buster

1) Phone up your friends or email your colleagues

2) Tell them you’re getting them off the Beaten Desk

3) Choose a week or a weekend to breathe a sigh of relief and escape to the great outdoors

4) Choose a trip on our website

5) Give us a call

6) We’ll take over from here and organise everything else for you.

We can guide you on any of our routes, at any pace, or you can guide yourselves. Alternatively, join one of our guided cycling holidays on the website.

What do we do?

Self-Guided Cycling Holidays

1) We book all your accommodation for you along the route

2) Someone meets you at the beginning of your cycling tour

3) You will be taken through the route and left with detailed route notes and maps

4) Every evening you will find your luggage waiting for you at your accommodation stop

5) We are on call 24 hours a day for help and advice and any mechanical assistance you may need

Guided Cycling Holidays

We do all the above but we’re your host and guide for the week and we’re with you every step of the way.

You just sit back in your saddle, put your feet up on the pedals and follow us.

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