Grading System

Cycle Grading System We’ve graded our cycling holidays into three basic categories. These categories are calculated using the distances cycled the route conditions (routes include cycling on roads and cycle paths), climate and on the amount of altitude gained. They are intended as a guideline. To check your suitability for a specific tour, please feel free to contact us. Our grading system classifies the routes as Easy, Moderate and Tough.

Leisure Easy: ideal for infrequent cyclists and for people going on their first Bikecation. The route is mainly flat with the occasional hill. The daily distances are 15-30 miles or 25-50km.

Leisure Moderate: ideal for those who cycle regularly. The route does include some hills, although we will avoid the steepest climbs. The daily distances are 25-40 miles or 40-65km.

Leisure Tough: for regular cyclists who are looking for longer distances and more of a challenge. The route will naturally include some hills. The daily distances are over 40 miles or 65km.

Road Easy: ideal for those first getting into road cycling, these routes and destinations will be mainly self-guided but will allow riders the flexibility of how far they wish to ride. Usually these trips are based at one of our recognised cycling specific hotels.

Road Moderate: perfectly suited for those Sunday riders who often ride up to 50-60 miles in a day but maybe are looking to push boundaries a little, we can advise on training plans to help you exceed expectations.

Road Tough: the hardest level and one for regular cyclists who are looking to conquer large distances of over 100 miles a day or some really tough European climbs.

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