Responsible Tourism

Take nothing but memories on your cycling holiday

Responsible Tourism is defined as tourism that creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit.

At Bikecation we have a common passion, we love the British countryside as well as the rest of Europe. We encourage people to get active, explore their country, enjoy the countryside and fresh air whilst promoting a cleaner, greener Britain to be respected and enjoyed by all. Our aim is to provide holidays that explore all that Britain has to offer, whilst promoting awareness of responsible travel.

We also recognise our responsibility to the destinations that we feature abroad. Our initial commitment is to work with local suppliers and guides where possible, to help boost tourism and prosperity in the local areas that we visit. We also encourage customers to abide by our responsible tourism ethos in the pre travel information that we provide. Our strategy towards improving responsible travel is an on-going process. Should you wish to share your ideas with Bikecation, please email us at:

We currently support various organisations that promote cycling tour as a healthy alternative for travel to work, as a hobby or for a holiday.

Sustrans - Enabling people to travel by foot

We’re supporting Sustrans, the charity that’s enabling people to travel by foot, bike and public transport for more of the journeys we make every day. On every holiday we book, we ask for a voluntary contribution to help fund the charities work.

Cyclescheme - Tax Free Reductons on Bicycles

The cycle scheme tax free reductions on bikes help people to get active and cycle to work. We encourage our staff to cycle to work and actively promote awareness of the scheme. Cycling whether to work or for leisure burns lots of calories and helps reduce your carbon foot print too. Try using the carbon calculator to see how much CO2 and calories you could save.

Visit The British Soil

Bikecation also works as an inbound tour operator promoting tourism to Britain. Working with European suppliers and Visit Britain, Bikecation actively promotes tourism to our countryside, coastal towns and vibrant cities thru cycling tours.

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