L’Eroica Tuscany
29th September - 2nd October 2017
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L’Eroica is a vintage bike race which takes place at the beginning of October in Gaiole in Chianti inTuscany, normally the first Sunday, and is something traditional and truly unique!

L’Eroica started in 1997 because of one man, Giancarlo Brocci, who admired the values of the historic past of cycling so much that he wanted to reconnect others to the heritage that inspired much of the Italian history, literature, culture, and music. L’Eroica also created a foundation for the protection and preservation of the last gravel roads in Tuscany.

These romantic concepts led to the idea of L’Eroica, an event that initially saw 92 “hunters of feelings and emotions”, as the creator Giancarlo Brocci defines them. Today it continues to spread the authentic roots of an extraordinary sport with a great soul. It’s all connected to people rediscovering the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of the conquest: the heroic cycling of Bartali and Coppi and the sacrifice that seeks out physical boundaries where thirst, hunger, and exhaustion are felt with all their strength. It’s cycling that can spread respect and create bonds between loyal opponents. It is cycling in a healthy way, and its participants are inspiring and beautiful to watch.

Today, L’Eroica is a example of development of the environmental heritage, of the sustainable lifestyle of clean cycling, where looking to the past points to the future: witness the numbers a success due to the passion of its organizers and creators. 5000 subscribers as a maximum limited number, 15,000 people including the accompanying families. From this year to underline its commitment to the development of education and environmental sustainability,  space was given to an area dedicated to companies who are particularly engaged in this area. It is just another example of how the concept of the eroica can be as timely as ever.

The L’Eroica Tuscany is split into 4 different routes giving participants the option of riding a short 26mile route to an epic 130 mile route over the gravel tracks of Tuscany.

  • The historic gravel tracks
  • The Italian passion for cycling
  • Vintage bicycles everywhere

What people have said

“We want people to rediscover the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of the conquest”
Giancarlo Brocci
   Dates Adult(PP)
From 29 September 2017 to 2 October 2017
Palazzo Leopoldo - Based on 2 cyclists in twin/double rooms
From 29 September 2017 to 2 October 2017
Ultimo Mulino - Based on 2 cyclists in twin/double rooms
From 29 September 2017 to 2 October 2017
Pallazo San Niccolo - Based on 2 cyclists in twin/double rooms
From 29 September 2017 to 2 October 2017
Wine Estate at Castelvecchi - Based on 2 cyclists in twin/double rooms
From 29 September 2017 to 2 October 2017
Castello Spaltanno - Based on 2 cyclists in twin/double rooms


We have a selection of hotels that we are able to accommodate you in while you ride the L'Eroica Tuscany, all the specifications and facilities of the accommodation can be requested. The price increase and decrease usually is down to the standard of accommodation and the proximity to the event.
For more information please contact the office.


Eroica rides are exclusively organized for Historical Bikes and for Vintage Style Bikes as explained hereafter. Historical Bikes (also called Bici Eroiche in Italian) are all road racing bikes built in 1987 or earlier both with gears and without gears, as those built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Vintage bike hire can be arranged in advance of the event, prices start from £175.00 per bike for the weekend. Please contact the bikecation office for more information.

The Routes:

LEISURE ROUTE: 46km/24m - The most simple synthesis, in around 3 hours and 700m difference in elevation, a taste of L'EROICA Atmosphere

SHORT ROUTE: 75km/47m - It is the "gateway" to the myth of l'eroica, in 4 hours, and 1900 meters of difference in level, in addition to the beauty highlighted in the short route.

MEDIUM ROUTE: 135km/84m - We are in the "myth" but still within reach of an amateur public with route times that can stretch far beyond the 10-12 hours or more. Do not miss.

LONG ROUTE: 209km/130m - It is "eroica" at it’s most authentic. Over 3700 meters of difference in level with an average of at least 15 hours, the last arriving after 10 pm! Here is all of the extreme spirit but also the beautiful scenery of this area.

What's included

  • Guaranteed registration to participate in either the 38 75 135 or 205km route
  • Information before arrival and when in Tuscany
  • Support team

What's not included

  • Insurace
  • Travel to and from Italy
  • Vintage Bike Hire (this can be arranged)

Day 1: Arrive in Italy

Arrive in Italy and transfer to the hotel. This can be arranged if required.

Day 2: Warm up & enjoy the celebrations

Take in the celebrations of L'Eroica. Meet our support team who will assist you in all you need to know about the race day on Sunday. After taking in the atmosphere how about going for a ride on a segment of the course.

Day 3: Ride L'Eroica Tuscany

Ride the epic L'Eroica Tuscany, one of the most famous sportives in the world. Enjoy the history and the occasion, it will be surely one day on the bike to remember.

Day 4: Depart

After breakfast departure in your own private transfer back to the airport. Fly to the UK.

What people have said

“We want people to rediscover the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of the conquest”
Giancarlo Brocci

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What people have said

“We want people to rediscover the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of the conquest”
Giancarlo Brocci

Frequently asked questions

1. How fit do I need to be for these holidays?

Our Bikecations are designed to attract people of all ages and levels of fitness. All the holidays can be enjoyed by anyone who is reasonably fit. Some holidays involve greater distances or frequency of cycling and some will cover hillier terrain than others. Our tour gradings and itinerary descriptions should help guide you towards the most suitable holiday options for you. If you are not sure, give us a call.

2. How many miles a day can I expect to cycle?

This depends on the Bikecation you choose. These have been graded so you know what to expect.

For a bikecation leisure cycling holiday a gentle pace is about 7-8 miles per hour, so, if you cycle for four hours, you can expect to cover 25-30 miles comfortably. This leaves plenty of time for sightseeing, picnics, visiting castles or churches, stopping for morning coffee or whatever you want to do. You have all day to get to your next stopover, so you can relax and enjoy the countryside. We can also include rest days when you can enjoy other activities if you require.

For our road cycling and bespoke tours for groups we will advise you what is best for the particular trip you wish to ride on. Usually we try to cover 60-100 miles at an average speed of 13.5 to 14.5 mph but this can be slower or faster depending on the group.

3. What do I wear for leisure cycling ?

It is important to be comfortable when cycling so we suggest wearing thin layers of clothing. Padded cycling shorts, a zipped top, windproof light jacket and trainers are standard fare. Fast drying and hardwearing synthetic fabrics are ideal as a base layer as these allow your skin to breathe and wick the moisture away from your skin to the next layer, avoiding the chill which cotton T-shirts can cause. In mid-summer you may just need shorts and a t-shirt. Safety helmets are strongly recommended on all Bikecation holidays and are a legal requirement in some countries so please bring your own helmet. We will send out a What to wear document to you well in advance of your Bikecation.

4. Are cycling holidays suitable for children?

Cycling can make an ideal family holiday, provided the right distances are chosen for the younger members of the party. We would suggest that you call us to discuss the most suitable tours for your children. In most places we are able to offer children’s bikes and child seats, if you have toddlers or babies.

5. How much luggage can I bring?

Your luggage is transported for you every day so bring what you need to make your holiday relaxing and comfortable. Please try and limit it to one item of luggage per person and that it is clearly labelled. On some tours there is a weight limit per item.

6. What happens to my luggage?

We want you to enjoy your Bikecation to the full so, for your comfort, we arrange the transportation of your luggage from one hotel to the next. The only thing we ask is that you leave your suitcases in reception on setting out each morning, and the hoteliers will ensure that it is waiting for you at your next hotel. We will provide luggage labels for you. All you need carry with you are drinks, a camera, waterproofs and sun cream.

7. Is my money safe if anything happens to Bikecation?

Your money is safe when you book your Bikecation. To protect your payments fully, all monies paid by you to us for your holiday are held in a separate Client’s Trust Account and are not released to Bikecation until your holiday has taken place. This practice fully satisfies the requirements of EC and UK law. Please call us if you would like to discuss this further.

Bikecation is also fully licensed by ATOL ( no. T7462) that is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). for full details how how your payments are protected, please read our Your Financial Security page.

8. Do I need to bring my own bike? What type of bike should I bring?

We arrange for hire bikes to be provided for your holiday or tour. However, if you would prefer to bring your own bike then by all means bring it with you, but it must be in good working order. We recommend either a hybrid or a mountain bike fitted with road tyres for our leisure cycling holidays.

For our road cycling trips we can advise on what is best for your situation but we regularly transport bikes to the start destination.

If you do bring your own bike, you should insure it separately. Most household insurance policies can be extended to cover your bike whilst on holiday.

9. What happens if I have a problem with the bike or any other problem en route ?

If you are provided with a bike it will be well-maintained and serviced before being rented out so there should be no problems however, there are emergency numbers provided in the Route Notes for more complex problems.
If you have brought your own bike and you are unable to fix it, we will find you a replacement for the rest of your holiday.

Our road cycling trips will also have back up support with a mechanic unless requested otherwise with a possible spare bike for any major problems.

10. What should I do about holiday insurance?

If you choose a holiday abroad, you should have adequate insurance to cover you for medical expenses and for cancellation or curtailment of your holiday. For holidays in the UK we recommend everyone should have holiday travel insurance. Not all insurance policies cover cycling daily so we recommend Campbell Irvine. For full information, please read our ‘Trip Preparation’ page

11. Where will I leave my car for the duration of the leisure cycling holiday?

In most cases you can leave your car for the duration of your holiday in the car park of the hotel used for the first night’s accommodation. Where parking is not available at the first hotel, you will be advised of the alternative arrangements made for you.

12. I’m on my own – Which holidays are best for me ?

Nearly all our holidays are open to single travellers, but our Group guided holidays may be of most interest. Group holidays give you the opportunity to meet others of like mind and to enjoy cycling together. The group ‘vibe’ continues into the evening if you decide to eat together. A guide will help you appreciate the history and culture of the area you’re visiting.

13. What type of accommodation can I expect?

There is a variety of accommodation ranging from Castles and Chateaux to small boutique hotels and good quality B&Bs, thereby offering a range of different priced holidays. If you have any questions regarding which accommodation is used in the trip you are interested in riding please contact the office.

14. What are the routes like?

The descriptions of our Leisure Bikecations indicate the main types of routes we use on each holiday, such as provincial roads, country lanes, dedicated cycle ways, some tracks and Casa Verdes (disused railway tracks). While we try to use quiet routes wherever possible, you should be comfortable riding occasionally in traffic. Traffic volumes can vary even on minor roads, especially in more popular tourist areas; we sometimes have to use short sections of busier roads to cross rivers or connect scenic routes, and traffic will inevitably be heavier in and near towns.

Some routes include occasional sections on unsurfaced tracks, but these don’t require any specific technical riding skills. If you are unsure of your level, or would like to know more about the cycling on specific holidays, then please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable reservations team.

15. Do I need to bring money for food?

All the holidays include a hearty breakfast each day. Some also include lunch and an evening meal. Where they are not included, you are free to choose where and when to eat. Some hotels will provide you with a packed lunch on request, but most people like the freedom of stopping at the place of their choice to experience the local cuisine. Some routes have been designed to incorporate gastronomic delights and will include an evening meal. Details are given with each individual tour.

16. Is it possible to extend one of the holidays from a few days to a full week?

We have the resources to design a tour to suit your requirements, incorporating rest days if desired, taking in places that are of interest to you. Give us a call and we will try to accommodate your wishes. The only constraint may be the availability of the accommodation.

17. Can you arrange flights for the overseas tours?

Flights are not included in the tour price, however we can book flights for you. Holding an ATOL licence means that if you book a tour and flight together with us you will have the added piece of mind of the financial protection offered by ATOL. If you prefer to book your own, we recommend that you wait until your tour booking is confirmed before you book any flights and booking separately means you will not be covered by ATOL. For full information on our flight services please contact us on email@bikecation.co.uk

18. When are the tours available?

Departure dates are shown for all tours. Please be aware that the holidays are very dependent on the availability of the selected accommodation. These have been chosen carefully, looking for a high standard to ensure you are comfortable at all times. During busy periods this is not always available, so we advise that you should book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

What people have said

“We want people to rediscover the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of the conquest”
Giancarlo Brocci
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