What is a Bikecation?

What is a Bikecation?

What is a Bikecation?

Bikecation is a cycling holiday with a bike. A Bikecation adventure can be a few days away, a long weekend, a mini break or a week long holiday.

Bikecation organise these biking tours for you in the most beautiful parts of Great Britain and abroad. We provide you with a bike, organise the route for you, provide you with detailed information about the area you are cycling through, giving you information and tips on the best places to stop. We move your luggage from one place to the next, providing you with a hassle free and stress free time so that you can concentrate on enjoying the ride and the views.

Bikecation provides road cycling holidays that capture the fun and freedom of cycling as kids; holidays that celebrate the fellowship of pedalling with friends and family; holidays that give you a thirst for adventure and an appetite for great food; holidays that make time stand still.

We provide holidays that move you.

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