Mount Fløyen


Mount Floyen is the closest climb to Bergen city and affords great views of the sea and city. It is most famous for being the last final 3.5km of the Individual Time Trail at the 2017 World Championships that were held in Bergen. It is not very long at only 3.4km, but averages a gradient of 10%. It was enough of a problem for many riders in the World Championships to change bike from there TT bike to their road bike. Tom Doumoulin won the World Championships on this climb in 2017 by 52 seconds, crushing all his rivals on the ascent. 

The Climb in Detail

“Some hairpins touch 18% and if feels as if your bike has the brakes on .” - Chris Smith - Bikecation Tour Guide


The Ascents

There is only one ascent to the top. It is a series of tight and steep hairpin beds, over 3.4km. The average gradient is 10% with ramps that hit 18%. You will climb up through the forest, and the tree cover can often make the climb slippery to add ot the challenge. However the views out over Bergen are stunning and it's well worth remebering your camera. The good news is that there is a cafe and restaurant at the top for refreshment. 

Take note: The descent back down is often slippery and can be busy with people; take care and be polite!


The climb turn by turn:

The Climb was so steep some pros decided to use there normal lighter road bikes rather than their TT bikes.  

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