By Chris Smith

Wednesday 21st February 2018

Alta Badia, South Tyrol


The home of the annual Maratona dles Dolomites, one of the biggest Italian Granfondo races, the ski resort of Alta Badia is one of Europe’s best locations for a cycling trip. The Sella Ronda cycling route is a beautiful ride and takes in the Passo Sella, Passo Gardena, the Campolongo and the Pordoi – all of which are the right length to be a challenge in themselves (although the Campolongo out of Corvara is by far the most tame of the climbs but nonetheless offers stunning views), but they’re not so tough that you can’t enjoy the ride.

Where to Ride?

The only downside to Alta Badia is that this isn’t a place to head to if you’re looking for flat riding. Wherever you stay you’re either going to be riding up a hill to your hotel or riding up a hill as soon as you leave your hotel. The upside of this is that if you want to get plenty of climbing in, it’s pretty much unavoidable. The Sella Ronda is the perfect place to start, but you can also branch out and hit the mighty Passo Fedaia/Marmolada climb.

Where to Stay?

While some ski resorts can be a bit of a concrete ghost town in the summer, Alta Badia is fully open for business in the summer months. The town of Corvara is a great place to stay, with a range of hotels in the town itself, a small supermarket, bike shop and a number of restaurants. Contact us if you have any questions about the best choices for your requirements

Where to Eat?

Despite being in Italy, Alta Badia feels a lot more like Austria than it does Italy – indeed more than 60 percent of the population speaks German to the 23 percent that speaks Italian. This is reflected in the food with plenty of hearty meat, cheese and potatoes as well as some great apple tart to be had at the cafes at the tops of the climbs.

If you want a reminder that you are in Italy, Pizzeria Fornella in Corvara is a friendly, family run restaurant with a huge range of pizzas

What to do, other than ride?

Alta Badia is a hive of outdoor activities. The Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures Park can be found in San Vigilio di Marebbe close to the Alta Badia and is home to the biggest zip line in Europe.

What Climb not to miss?

Linking the valleys of Ampezzo and Livinallongo in the Dolomites, the Giau is considered to be the most beautiful mountain pass of the range that includes both the Fedaia and Pordoi. Peaking in a vast and beautiful mountain pasture at the foot of the Nuvolau Alto 2647-metre turret you can also see the summits of the Tofane, Monte Cristallo and the Sorapis.

What you didn't know about Alta Badia

In the centuries after the integration of the Alps into the Roman Empire, the Rhaetian people inhabiting the Dolomites at that time adopted the vulgar Latin spoken by the magistrates and soldiers and it gradually evolved into the Ladin language - the dialect of Alta Badia.

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